Z9 Terminal

Bridge Payment is a company that specializes in credit card processing for government agencies. Counties and other departments can accept credit card payments by: On-Line, Over-the-Phone, or In-Person.

The solutions come at no cost to the municipality, as the EMV terminals are placed for Free and the Credit Card Processing service fee is charged to the End User/Customer.

Service Fee


  • Free - EMV Encrypted Terminal for Cedit Card Processing
  • On-Line Paymnets: No Charge to the County for Processing
  • Service Fee Charged to the Customer
  • ACH Funding
  • Free - Online Reporting
Online Pay

Payment Types

Credit Cards can be accepted On-Line, In-Person, or Over the Phone. On the terminal, customers can swipe the credit card, use the CHIP, or pay by Apple Pay / Android Pay / Google Wallet.

For a credit card solution with: No cost to set-up, No cost for transactions to the Court, No cost for daily reporting - call Bridge Payment to see a demo.