Z9 Terminal

Bridge Payment

A company that specializes in credit card processing for government agencies. Municipalities, Counties and other departments can accept credit card payments by:

  • Online
  • In-Person
  • Over the Phone

The solutions come at no cost to the municipality. EMV PCI compliant terminals are placed for FREE, online web pages are setup for FREE,  and the Credit Card Processing service fee is charged to the End-User/Customer.

Service Fee


  • Free - Terminal for Credit Card Processing
    • EMV Encrypted
    • CCI Compliant¬†
  • Online Payments:
    • No Charge to the municipality for processing
  • Service Fee
    • Charged to the Customer
  • ACH Funding
  • Free - Online Reporting
Online Pay

Payment Types

Credit Cards can be accepted Online, In-Person, or Over the Phone. On the terminal, customers can swipe the credit card, use the CHIP, or pay by: Apple Pay | Samsung Pay| Google Wallet| Android Pay | Visa payWave | MasterCard PayPass

For a credit card solution with: No cost to set-up, No cost for transactions to the Court, No cost for daily reporting - call Bridge Payment to see a demo.